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Highlights (02.04) | Entreprelife

Highlights (02.04)

It’s been a crazy week and it’s not over yet. Tomorrow, I’ll be deliv­ering pizza for the last time. What’s next? Why am I giving up pizza delivery? Stick around and you’ll find out.

‘Poor’ Consume Like Rich — Turns out, the people our govern­ment consider ‘poor’ live like the middle class — even without all the subsidies.

90-Days Without Social Media or a Cell Phone — Calling it the “Amish Project”, Jake Reilly spent the last quarter of 2011 without a cell phone or any social media contact. The results are stag­gering. This is a must read. “sometimes you just sit on the internet and four hours goes by, and you’re, like, I really didn’t do one single thing. Maybe I looked at an article, looked at pictures, watched some dumb videos and got stuck in a YouTube black hole for an hour, just looking, looking, looking. I think you’d have a hard time finding anyone who thought that was really enriching your life.”

2011 Predici­tions in 1911 Newspaper — This is one of the most inter­esting reads in a long time. Some are spot on, some are ridicu­lous, and others are just sad.

Is Buying A New Card For Zero Percent Interest A Good Idea? — Joe gives his take on a popular car buying tactic.

A Mess On The Ladder Of Success — An inter­esting article — more of a history lesson than anything. Hopefully it will make you think. “Until now, a B.A. in any subject was a near-guarantee of at least middle-class wages. But today, a quarter of college graduates make less than the typical worker without a bachelor’s degree.”

You Love To Sing — This is a beautiful song I had long forgotten about.

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