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Only72.com — Don’t miss this! | Entreprelife

Only72.com — Don’t miss this!

Once in awhile, we are presented with an oppor­tu­nity that has the potential to change the way we do life. Last November I was given one of those oppor­tu­ni­ties at the Only72.com sale. Today you have the chance to partic­i­pate in the same opportunity.

72 Hours Only Rock Your Life Sale!

Click the picture to go straight to only72.com

Only72.com is a niche sale where 22 products normally selling for $1087 dollars are sold for $97 bucks! These aren’t cheap products, they are some of the best stuff the web has to offer.

To say this is an awesome deal is an understatement.

The catch is, the sale only lasts 72 hours and once it’s over this package will never be offered again.

This sale’s niche is Personal devel­op­ment. The only72.com guys have brought together 22 e-products that will teach you how to:

  • Sell stuff you don’t need
  • Get 28 extra hours a week
  • Get control of your inbox
  • Get in shape
  • Learn More, Study Less
  • and so much more

At noon (est) on Thursday (72 hours from right now) the sale is over; and once it’s over, this deal goes away forever. Click here to go directly to the sale, scroll down to see all 22 products, or keep reading to see why I think this sale will change your life as much as the last one did mine.

Last November’s Only72.com sale had a small business niche. At the time I was planning on buying an eBook that was included in the sale. Normally, the book sold for $60 bucks and for a measly $37 dollars more I got 21 more books that cover a long list of topics I’ve needed to under­stand for this blog.

Have I used all of the eBooks? No. I’ve read about half in the six months since the sale. But even those would normally retail for over 500 bucks if I bought them indi­vid­u­ally. And every one I read (even the ones I’m less excited about) has taught me something about small business that I didn’t know and given me at least one tool to make this blog better.

This blog would not exist without that epic sale. It helped me change my life and start the business I’ve dreamed of. And now I have the oppor­tu­nity to give you the type of offer and help some families in need.

Change Your Life and Help the Needy

As I said, this year’s niche is personal devel­op­ment. The eBooks (listed below) equip you with tools that will help reclaim your dreams, stay current with email, get in shape, get out of debt, and so much more! I have listed all the products below, but you can go directly to Only72.com now and look them over.

So far my favorites this time around are, Sell Your Crap, The Art of Relaxed Produc­tivity, and Learn More, Study Less. But there are 22 products included in this offer, most with multiple eBooks, work through guides, and so much more!

Because I partic­i­pated last year, I have an oppor­tu­nity to be an affiliate for the Only72.com sale. This means that if you purchase this package after clicking one of my links, I get a nice commis­sion — $48.50 to be exact . And because I believe it is important to give as a part of every­thing I do on this site, if you purchase the package through my affiliate link I will donating 22% of my commis­sion ($10.50) to Charity:Water.

What is Charity:Water?

Charity:Water is one of the greatest non-profit orga­ni­za­tions I have ever seen. They build water wells in villages with unclean and cont­a­m­i­nated drinking water. They give the locals jobs, build the wells from local materials, and train a local how to repair the wells. For some of these families, it is their first time ever drinking clean water.

Unclean drinking water is the number one killer of people throughout the world. It’s not a western problem, but every­where else it is a major issues.

So, not only does the Only72.com sale offer you products that will change your life; not only are you getting $1,087 dollars worth of goodies for $97 bucks; you are also helping to support the blog, and you are helping families get clean drinking water.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Let’s go over what you get again:

  • $1,087 dollars worth of amazing products for $97 bucks.
  • 22 Personal Devel­op­ment Products that will change your life.
  • Saving lives by helping to build water wells through Charity: Water
  • Keep the site going by supporting me.

I promised a long time ago that I would only offer products that I thought were bene­fi­cial to you. Stuff that teaches you to control your money, work your passion, and live a life of purpose. There are few oppor­tu­ni­ties that will help you do that as well as the Only72.com Sale. Remember, this sale ends at noon on Thursday and once it’s over this offer goes away forever.

Go directly to the site by clicking here, or check out all the products below.

Only72.com Sale Products

Focus by Leo Babauta ($35)

  • The full version of the book, including bonus chapters, in PDF, EPUB, and AZW
  • An email fast guide (PDF)
  • A declut­tering quick­start guide (PDF)
  • A guide to changing habits
  • 3 Audio Interviews
  • 5 videos

Momentum Kick­starter Kit by Charlie Gilkey ($47)

  • Living the Good Life (PDF)
  • Email Triage (PDF)
  • Premium Planners Set

Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead ($47)

  • Reclaim Your Dreams – “Every­thing Package” (70-page PDF)
  • I’m Serious About Action” Work­sheets (30-page PDF)

52 Weeks to Awesome by Pace & Kyeli ($52)

  • 52 emails, each with a tidbit to learn and a mission to accomplish
  • A 128-page workbook (PDF)
  • Pace & Kyeli’s best-kept secret to living an awesome life

5 Ingre­di­ents | 10 Minutes by Jules Clancy ($77)

  • 133 totally NEW 5-ingredients recipes
  • Colour photographs of every recipe (343 pages)
  • 50 videos

Rebel Fitness Guide by Steve Kamb ($37)

  • Rebel Fitness Guide (40-page PDF)
  • Rebel Diet Guide (35-page PDF)
  • Rebel Food Fighter (60-page PDF)
  • 6 Separate Workout Exercise Books

Fear-Crushing Travel Guide by Farnoosh Brock ($47)

  • Fear-Crushing Travel Guide (113-page PDF)
  • 7 Fear-Crushing Travel Worksheets
  • 10 Audio Inter­views with expe­ri­enced world travelers
  • Bonus: The Master Travel Prepa­ra­tion Tip Sheet

Over­coming the Fear of Uncer­tainty by Sean Ogle ($47)

  • Over­coming The Fear of Uncer­tainty Guide (15,000 words)
  • Using Mint.com to Change Your Life (7,000 words)
  • Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog
  • 5 Inter­views, including Chris Guille­beau and Pam Slim
  • Work­sheets, review sheets, questions, answers, and a remote work agreement template

The Creativity Toolbox by Ali Luke & Thursday Bram ($47)

  • Mapping Your Project: The Big Picture and the Details (22-page PDF)
  • Game Plan: Spark to Business (36-page PDF)
  • Balancing Life and creativity (26-page PDF)
  • 7 inter­views
  • Resource Directory
  • 65 Jump-leads for your creativity

Make Sh*t Happen by Jenny Blake ($47)

  • Make Sh*t Happen (80-page PDF)
  • Workbook of all exercises (Google Docs)

The Language Hacking Guide by Benny Lewis ($67)

  • Language Hacking Guide in PDF, ePub, Mobi, and printer-friendly
  • Full trans­la­tionss of the guide in 23 different languages
  • Work­sheets, also translated
  • Almost 3 hours of audio interviews
  • Lists of free resources for prac­ticing any language

Sex, Love, Liber­a­tion by Ev’Yan Nasman ($47)

  • Sex, Love, Liber­a­tion: A manifesto for the bold at heart (61-page PDF)
  • Sex, Love, Liber­a­tion Workbook (29-page PDF)

Learn More, Study Less by Scott Young ($67)

  • Learn More, Study Less (200+-page PDF)
  • 6 bonus printable workheets

A Daring Adventure collec­tion by Tim Brownson ($47)

  • How to be Rich and Happy (215-page PDF)
  • Don’t Ask Stupid Questions (94-page PDF)
  • Don’t Panic! A Practical Guide to Dealing with Fear, Anxiety, Panic & Public Speaking (45-page pdf)
  • 16 Ways to Destress Your Life (34-page pdf)

The Less Work, More Harmony Rela­tion­ship Guide by Cara Stein ($47)

  • 25 PDf modules (96 pages, 38,000+ words)
  • Better Commu­ni­ca­tion Workshop

Bril­liantly Better Collec­tion by Dragos Roua ($43)

  • Natural Produc­tivity (156-page PDF)
  • 100 Ways to screw up your life (109-page PDF)
  • 100 Ways to improve your life (108-page PDF)
  • 30 Sentences for a million­aire mindset (96-page PDF)

How to Become an Advanced Early Riser by Steve Aitchenson ($37)

  • How to Become An Advanced Early Riser (66-page PDF)
  • Success Log to track your progress
  • 4 MP3 audio downloads
  • Quick start guides

Cheap Family Fun by Kim & Jason ($52)

  • 52 weekly emails of ideas for free or very cheap fun
  • 52 short, enter­taining videos

The Art of Relaxed Produc­tivity + The Power of Posi­tivity by Henrik Edberg ($44)

  • The Art of Relaxed Produc­tivity (98-page PDF)
  • The Power of Posi­tivity (132-page PDF)
  • Quick Start To Relaxed Produc­tivity Audio Guide (MP3) + 5 more audio files
  • The Ultimate Guide to Motivation
  • 2 Workbooks
  • Audio Tran­scripts

Discover Package by Barrie Davenport ($59)

  • Discover Your Passion (116-page PDF)
  • The Bold Living Guide (46-page PDF)
  • Coaching Works (10-page PDF)
  • Life 101 Master Course (9-page PDF)

Mind Control Method: How to Get What You Want by Karol Gajda ($47)

  • Mind Control Method (37-page PDF)
  • 5 MP3 audios

Sell Your Crap by Adam Baker ($47)

  • Sell Your Crap (67-page main guide PDF)
  • The Defin­i­tive Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Crap on eBay (171-page PDF)
  • The Defin­i­tive Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Crap on CraigsList (49-page PDF)
  • The Defin­i­tive Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Crap on Amazon (41-page PDF)
  • 10 Video Inter­views with Anti-Clutter authors and bloggers, including Leo Babauta, Chris Guille­beau, and J.D. Roth

Now that you’ve seen all these amazing products, click here to go to Only72.com and get this amazing package!

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