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Always Move Forward

Job inter­views are the worst. Anyone who says they like job inter­views is either a liar or a masochist.

You walk into a room where one or more people judge you based on a sheet of paper, a few questions, and a 5 minute review of your person­ality. The entire purpose is to answer the question, “Am I a good fit”.

Guy Preparing for interview in suit

If we are honest; “Am I a good fit” really means “Do you like me”.

More often than not, the answer is “No.” Continue Reading…

A Time for Change

Guy Standing in Wall

This has nothing to do with the post

This place needs some work.

The look and feel of the blog is lacking. Pictures, logos, links, all these things are missing from my poor little blog.

Basically, I need to reorganize.

Changes are coming. After one month I realize I put forward a version of myself that is lacking. In trying to show you how to live the life of your dreams I held back a part of me I thought you wouldn’t like. This is not to say I disbe­lieve anything I have written, but I have better stuff in me and you deserve to see it.

Expect a few changes over the next month: a new name, a better focus, and more of my person­ality. You come here for me; that is who I should be.

I am a work in progress. So is this blog. So are you. When we fall, we must fall forward.

What about you? What part of yourself are you holding back? Let me know in the comments.

The Most Important Goal

Having a plan is important. Setting goals and then meeting them is essential to living the life of your dreams. But more important than any of that are people.

Kid wins at uno

Winning can be intox­i­cating. There is a thrill that comes with being able to check a goal off the list. Have you met the guy who, at forty-five, still talks about how great he was as a high-school football player? He remembers what it felt like to win at football, to achieve the goal of out-performing another team. Now he refuses to think of anything else. Continue Reading…

Do Something: 3 People Who Are Living Their Dreams

Kid Winning a race

Run the race to win!

[This is part of the Starting 2011 Off Right series]

In planning out 2011, I looked back on 2010 and saw where I did well and where I need work. Then I set goals for this year in the seven goal cate­gories. Both were difficult, but the most difficult part is still ahead. You can fully under­stand your strengths and weakness, and even have a plan that lays out how you can change things; but if you never step out and do something you will never turn your dreams into your reality.

This post is about hope. I want to introduce you to three people I highly respect who have taken their dreams and turned them into their reality. Continue Reading…

On Never Giving Up

Keep Going Sign

Do what the sign says!

In the movie Elf there is a scene in the beginning where Christmas Eve has just ended and Santa and his elves are cele­brating their victory. In the midst of it Santa (while congrat­u­lating his workers) says something incred­ible, “after all that hard work it’s time to start prepa­ra­tions for next Christmas!”

Time to start on next Christmas? On Christmas Eve?! Not even one full day off! No week-long vacation? Just more work! How could Santa do that to his poor elves?

When Steven Press­field (Author of “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and “The War of Art”) finished his first book he was ecstatic. Every morning he would walk over to his neighbor — Paul’s — house, share some breakfast, and talk about their various writing projects. Steven went straight to Paul’s that morning and told him the good news! But without even looking up from his newspaper Paul responded, “Good for you. Start the next one today.”

Start the next one today? How dare he! How could a writer blow off another writer’s accom­plish­ment like that? This was the first book Steven had ever written! Could Paul have been any less caring?

I think Santa and Paul under­stand something about creativity and drive that you and I desper­ately need. Continue Reading…

Setting Goals

[This is part of the Starting 2011 Off Right series for the rest of the series click here]

So, you want to set goals instead of reso­lu­tions. You have taken time to look back on the year and think about where you succeeded and where you failed. Good job! Now is the time to set some goals.

Blank Goal Whiteboard

Is this your goal list?

You should know going in that you will fail at some of these goals. Even the best goal setter accom­plishes only about 80% of the goals she sets out at the beginning of the year. Prior­i­ties change, life happens, etc. However, if you refuse to set goals, the 80% will never happen.

Also, setting goals is a pain. It will take a toll on your emotions and force you to think through things you normally assume will work out on their own. But it is always worth it.

As a helpful tool you should check out Chris Gullebeau’s book, “The Art of Non-Conformity”. It will get you in the right mindset for goal setting and remind you that life change is possible. If you would rather not pay for a book, check out Chris’ website chrisguillebeau.com. His website was the first place I heard about Conducting An Annual Review. Chris’ blog inspired me to Start 2011 Off Right. I even used his Annual Review Template to create this year’s goals. Continue Reading…

Looking Back

Street Stop Look Live

[This is part two of the Starting 2011 Off Right series to see the rest click here]

Every year from November 1st to the 15th I look back on the year I am in and plan for the year ahead. My reason for the November 15th deadline is it frees me up to focus on friends and family during the Thanks­giving and Christmas season. In the future I will blog this live, but since it is too late for that I will let you in on my process now!

To start off, I got this idea from a combi­na­tion of Dan Miller’s “No More Mondays” and Chris Guillebeau’s “The Art of Non-Conformity”. I will write more about them later, but until then you can click on their names to go directly to two short books that changed my life.

What does it mean to look back?

Be honest, 2010 did not turn out how you expected. When the year began you had hopes, dreams, and ideas that were dashed across the rocks of reality (probably by Valentine’s Day). But even amidst such failure, you found yourself accom­plishing wonderful things you never expected. This is what looking back is for. First I look back at the things I achieved over the year. Some of these may seem small, but every victory is worth taking note of. Continue Reading…

Has 2011 Changed Anything In Your Life?

Lefo Weight Lift[This is part of the Starting 2011 Off Right series]

She wakes up two hours earlier than she normally would. The alarm is screaming and her body is begging for those two hours. She pulls herself out of bed and grabs what she needs: a pair of shorts, a gray t-shirt, comfort­able (but old) socks, some sneakers, and a towel. It is January 3rd and she is on her way to the gym for the first time in almost a year.

Does the word reso­lu­tion make your skin crawl? It does for me. I get the image of men and women greedily mobbing over­priced gyms to sign up for member­ships they will never use. If that hits too close to home you may want to recon­sider that gym member­ship you have been mulling over.

History shows that most New Year’s reso­lu­tions will be dropped by Valentine’s Day. In about a month, most of us will give up whatever dream we had for 2011. Why? Because reso­lu­tions are dreams, not goals. Continue Reading…

Have you set 2011 goals yet?

Have you decided what you want to accom­plish in 2011? A new decade has started, are you ready for it? You may have a good idea of where your paychecks will come from; you may know where you are going on your next vacation; you may even know what you want to be at the end of the year, but do you know what you want to do?

What I mean is how are you going to get there? Even if by some miracle you have a few vague 2011 goals do you have any clue how you are going to accom­plish them? A year is shorter then you think and before you know it December 31st will be here and you won’t be any closer to your goals then when the ball dropped for 2011. Are you who you wanted to be when 2010 began? Continue Reading…

On Starting

Smiling Pear on Starting Line

The hardest part of doing anything is taking the first step. Starting something new scares me. When you or I actually take a step to start something an icy cold hand grips our heart. It grips mine anyway. It reaches inside of me and wraps itself around my greatest hope and does every­thing in its power to stop me.

I can’t get too mad at fear, I encourage it every step of the way: I justify my fear, I tell myself it doesn’t matter or that someone else is already doing what I want to do. I am probably not that good anyway. And it would be hard; I don’t have time for something that difficult when medi­oc­rity is so easy! Continue Reading…

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