My Favorite 2012 Super Bowl Commercial

I didn’t get to watch Sunday’s game because I was out deliv­ering pizzas, but I did make a point of watching the commer­cials this morning so I’d know what everyone was talking about.

If you missed them, or just want to see them again, you can find all of them here.

After watching all 54, I have one thought: they mostly sucked.

But among the garbage are a few gems. Doritos made me laugh their fan-made commer­cials, there were some neat (but pathet­i­cally short) trailers for upcoming movies and tv shows, and while Best Buy is lying when they say they’ve invented something special, their commer­cial was good.

But, the best commer­cials weren’t funny, clever, or even very long. They were inspiring.

I have two favorites from this year’s list of Super Bowl commer­cials. I know that’s a bit of a cop-out, but I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. Continue Reading…

3 Things I Learned Delivering Pizza

Pizza Truck

After 4 months deliv­ering pizza, I’ve stepped down from the job that helped put food on my table. Yesterday was my last day.

It was a good gig (after a slow start) but it took a lot of time away from Entre­pre­Life and my rela­tion­ship my family and friends.

Leaving wasn’t an easy decision, but after a bit of looking I found a part-time job that leaves me more time to work on the projects that will define my career – instead of being exhausted all the time.

Like any part-time job, there were ups and downs. Obviously, the best part of pizza delivery is the tips. Thanks to social pressures in America, I get anywhere from 2 – 10 dollars a pizza! Way more lucrative than most minimum wage positions.

Beyond the joys of tips, there are a few other things I noticed. Continue Reading…

Highlights (02.04)

It’s been a crazy week and it’s not over yet. Tomorrow, I’ll be deliv­ering pizza for the last time. What’s next? Why am I giving up pizza delivery? Stick around and you’ll find out.

‘Poor’ Consume Like Rich — Turns out, the people our govern­ment consider ‘poor’ live like the middle class — even without all the subsidies.

90-Days Without Social Media or a Cell Phone — Calling it the “Amish Project”, Jake Reilly spent the last quarter of 2011 without a cell phone or any social media contact. The results are stag­gering. This is a must read. “sometimes you just sit on the internet and four hours goes by, and you’re, like, I really didn’t do one single thing. Maybe I looked at an article, looked at pictures, watched some dumb videos and got stuck in a YouTube black hole for an hour, just looking, looking, looking. I think you’d have a hard time finding anyone who thought that was really enriching your life.”

2011 Predici­tions in 1911 Newspaper — This is one of the most inter­esting reads in a long time. Some are spot on, some are ridicu­lous, and others are just sad.

Is Buying A New Card For Zero Percent Interest A Good Idea? — Joe gives his take on a popular car buying tactic.

A Mess On The Ladder Of Success — An inter­esting article — more of a history lesson than anything. Hopefully it will make you think. “Until now, a B.A. in any subject was a near-guarantee of at least middle-class wages. But today, a quarter of college graduates make less than the typical worker without a bachelor’s degree.”

You Love To Sing — This is a beautiful song I had long forgotten about.

It’s Not Saving If You Don’t Need It

You shop like a tourist; you go broke like a tourist

Don’t blow your money on things you dont need.

Here’s a problem I see way too often.

You’re at the store and you see a great deal on something you’ve wanted for a long time: a pair of shoes, an iPad, anything you might want.

While buying it isn’t in your budget, it’s 70% off and you’ll save over $100 bucks if you buy it today during this insane sale. That’s a good idea, right?

Wrong. Buying something you don’t need because it’s “on sale” isn’t the same as saving money. You don’t “save” 70% by buying it, you spend 30% and fall into one of the oldest marketing tricks. Continue Reading…

Apple Is Doing It Right


Not that kind of apple.

Apple has gotten a lot of bad press recently. Allowing workers to be mistreated overseas hasn’t done a lot of good for the company (check out the articles I’ve linked to here and here).

But, they’ve recently gotten some amazing press – and for good reason!

Last week, Apple announced they don’t have any debt to speak of; only cash. 97.6 billion in cash.

That’s 97,600,000,000.00.

That’s a lot of cash.

As one website put it, Apple has enough cash to pay the entire world’s oil demand for 9 days. It could bail out Greece. It has more money than the GDP of 2/3rd of the world’s countries.

There are a million things Apple could do with that giant pile of money which is what financial nerds all over the internet have been spec­u­lating about for days.

And while it’s fun to compare and speculate, there is only one thing Apple will do with that money: sit on it. Continue Reading…

Ridiculous Wal-Mart is Ridiculous

Wal-Mart Beijing

Even China has Wal-Marts

A lot can be said about Wal-Mart. The company is a contra­dic­tory mess in every sense of the word.

On the one hand, it’s well known they underpay employees, destroy the envi­ron­ment, and regularly conduct a plethora of seedy business practices.

On the other hand, they are often the first respon­ders during natural disasters – saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people after Katrina struck Louisiana. In addition, they employ more people than just about any other business and their donations to charity are mind­bog­gling high.

The other day, I found another ridicu­lous wal-mart contra­dic­tion. Continue Reading…

Highlights (01.27)

Struc­tured Settle­ments Explained — Check out my post over at Faith and Finance on struc­tured settle­ments. You know you’re curious about those commericials…

We’ve racked up 5.6 billion in credit card debt over the holidays — It’s not like I thought we’d learned anything from the housing bubble or recession.…

Are Foreign Tran­sa­tion Fees A Scam? — My favorite consumer advocate is asking us what we think of Foreign Trans­ac­tion Fees.

Is Same-As-Cash Really Same-As-Cash? — Joe explains same-as-cash deals and figures out how cash-like they are.

Judge Judy’s Legal Authority — Ever wonder what legal authority Judge Judy has? Find out!

The Magic of CES — This guy is amazing!

Help Me Write The Money Manifesto


No wrong answers on this questionnaire

I’m planning out a short manifesto to outline my philos­ophy on money.

I’ve already written a very brief outline on a scrap of paper and have been toying around with the idea for almost a week now.

I’m liking the idea more every day.

If I’m going to take the time to do this, I want it to be fore you. There’s no reason to write this thing if it’s just to say I did it.

So, as I plan out the future of the manifesto, I want to do it with your input. I’m going to throw up a few questions and I want you to answer them in the comments.

Answer truth­fully and as detailed as you’d like. I’ll take every­thing you say into consideration.

  • Does this manifesto sound like something that you’re inter­ested in?
  • Do you prefer long (100+ pages) or short (20–50 page) online manifestos?
  • How inter­ested would you be in learning a simple method for making financial decisions?
  • How do you view money? Blessing, curse, tool, something else?
  • Do you consider yourself a money nerd, a free-spirited spender, or something in between?
  • Do you love or hate spreadsheets?
  • What’s the most confusing thing about money?
  • What would you like to see talked about in the money manifesto?
  • What’s funnier: a man getting hit in the gonads by a football or a skater falling off his board while grinding and hitting his gonads on a pole?

Thanks for your help!

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Thoughts On S.O.P.A.

By now, you’ve heard about SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) or it’s counter part PIPA (Protect Intel­lec­tual Property Act). These bills attempt to give content creators the ability to stop copyright infringe­ment both inside and outside the US. If the law were to pass, it would give content creators the ability to shut down websites that somehow link to websites that containt copyright infringement.

The popular example is, if someone posted a comment on Entre­pre­Life that linked to a website illegally using copy­righted content (say a picture or a video) and the copyright holder didn’t like it, they could shut down my site over a single comment. No due process, no defense. Guilty until proven innocent.

This video explains what the law is and how it can really mess over websites. If you’re still confused about the bill, watch the video and then keep reading.

If you can’t can’t see the video in your reader, click here

Continue Reading…

A Quick Announcement

A Stress Free Christmas Cover

If you haven’t purchased A Stress Free Christmas yet, now is the time.

Most people don’t know that there are monthly cost asso­ci­ated with selling things online. PayPal, eJunkie, and other sites charge monthly fees to keep e-books available to the public.

My plan was to do a quick push at the end of January and then pull A Stress Free Christmas until the holidays got closer. Unfor­tu­an­tely, I lost track of time last week and let my subscrip­tions charge.


But, that’s good news for you! Through February 21st, I’m offering A Stress Free Christmas for only $10 dollars! You will learn:

  • How to prepare for Christmas spending throughout the year
  • How marketers manip­u­late you into buying things you don’t want for people you don’t like.
  • How to plan for Christmas without debt or stress and still do all the things you love.

In addition, I’m still giving away free updates for life and 30-day e-mail support which I’m extending to last through December (when you might actually need the support).

Last Chance

On February 21st, A Stress Free Christmas will become unavail­able. Don’t miss your last chance to get A Stress Free Christmas at the lowest price of the year. My mistake is your ticket to an easy holiday.

Click here to get it now.

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