Review of Wisdom Meets Passion by Dan Miller and Jared Angaza

Wisdom Meets Passion by Dan Miller and Jared Angaza

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Wisdom Meets Passion is the latest book by world renowned career coach Dan Miller. In Wisdom Meets Passion, Dan and his son Jared come together to explain the differ­ence between gener­a­tion X & Y’s career goals and work ethics and how the wisdom of the older can be partnered with the passion of the younger to create change in the world while earning a profit.

The book is written mostly by Dan, with Jared injecting stories into the various chapters to show how passion has directed his career and his life.

The Good

Dan Miller is famous for good reason — his advice works. He is easily under­stood and his encour­age­ments throughout the book will lead anyone into success in this new work envi­ron­ment. The stories by Jared are inter­esting, and usually are related to the point of the chapter. In addition, Dan Miller and Jared Angaza are inter­esting. They tell good stories, will make you laugh, and show you that work can be different than what your parents expected.

The Bad

This book isn’t necessary. Every­thing in this book is a rehashing of No More Mondays. I was excepting new insights and deeper inter­ac­tion with his son. It’s more like they took No More Mondays, cut out some of the how-to sections and threw in Jared’s stories. A good book with good infor­ma­tion, but not for those who have already read No More Mondays.

The other thing I didn’t really like were Jared’s stories. They were always inter­esting, but rarely enhanced the discus­sions going on in the rest of the chapter. I wish they explained more of the “how” it happened and less of “what” happened.

Final Thoughts

I give this book 3 out of 5. While an inter­esting read, it’s a mostly unnec­es­sary in a Dan Miller library. I wish Jared’s stories were more infor­ma­tive and less descrip­tive. But I still thought the infor­ma­tion Dan Miller gives is sound and it was a great shot in the arm for someone who hopes to live his life in the style Dan and Jared recommend. If you have to choose, I’d suggest picking up No More Mondays. If you don’t, it might be fun to pick up this book, read through it, and then enjoy No More Mondays with Jared’s expe­ri­ence in mind.

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