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Topics of conversation

Hello loyal readers (are there any of you still out there?)

I want to start writing again. I’ve got the itch down in my soul and it’s time to start scratching.

I’m inter­ested in finding out what you want to know. I’d like to broaden my appeal away from personal finance.

Here are some of the topics I’m inter­ested in:

  • Personal Finance (duh)
  • Chris­tianity (specif­i­cally, the Gospel, apolo­getics, history, and the day-in-day-out Christian life)
  • Science (Astronomy is my favorite, but I’m fairly inter­ested in the current growth and under­standing of the scien­tific community)
  • Moves & Books (I love movies and I love books. I consume them both with furvor and would be inter­ested in discussing my likes, dislikes, and observations).
  • Politics/Government (I think it’s vitally important to be aware of what’s going on in the political world).

These are broad, but important, topics. I’m inter­ested in finding out what you want. I can’t promise I’ll actually write on the topics you suggest, but I’d like to see what the people who still follow this blog are inter­ested in. Not just reading about but discussing.

I’d like to learn from you, discuss the world with you, and expand our horizons together. I’d like to dive deep into otherwise taboo topics, but do so in a civil and honest manner.

So what are you inter­ested in? And knowing my writing style and knowing me, what do you want to read about?

With Gratitude,Alex Humphrey

3 Responses to “Topics of conversation”

  1. Alex September 29, 2013 at 2:38 PM #

    PS — these new writings will also come with a revamped blog and a lot less bloat (have you seen the ridicu­lous amout of check boxes under the comment box? Insanity!)

  2. Trevor September 29, 2013 at 11:42 PM #

    Have you thought about doing all of them? Become a variety blog named something like “stuff you need to know”. Write what you feel passionate about when you feel passionate about it.

    But if I’m honest I feel like maybe you should do a podcast. They lend them­selves well to variety around a slightly central topic. get guests on for you to talk to and get a “3d perspec­tive” on a subject if you will. You are well spoken.

    If blogging is your desire however. person­ally I won’t be as inter­ested in political stuff, I just tune it out. Looking at the list of topics you provide I would tell you that you seem not to be putting down the one you want to write. You’re inter­ested in not so much the things as the community and trends around all the things. If I were you I would start there and see where it goes. try writing 2 or 3 posts about your obser­va­tions on commu­ni­ties you know and see how far you get. It could be a good dissec­tion of the human condition related to group dynamics.

    Or you know I do like a good movie or book review!

    • Trevor September 30, 2013 at 2:08 AM #

      I’m going to revise what I said about political stuff. I just don’t find it engaging unless all parties involved have had at least the equiv­a­lent of 1 beer in them while its being discussed. It just makes every­thing go smoother.

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